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Secrets to Getting your
Purchase Offer Accepted
Thinking about jumping on into the market? It can be a little difficult these days getting your purchase offer accepted by the seller with relatively low inventory and lots of buyers looking for a moderately priced home.  Here some things you can do to increase your success.
  1. Make your highest and best offer initially
    If you want the house, don't try and save a few thousand dollars.  Make your best offer initially.  Have an appraisal contingency in the purchase agreement so if the home does not appraise for the price you have offered, you won't be held to the higher amount.
  2. Make your earnest money deposit equal to your down payment
    If you plan on making a down payment, make that your earnest money deposit instead of the routine $1,000.  This will show the seller that you are serious about your offer.
  3. If asking for pest repairs, put a dollar cap on the amount
    If you must ask the seller to pay for any repairs found on the pest report, put a maximum amount that they will be asked to pay in the purchase contract.
  4. Have your cash needed to close verified
    Put all your money needed to close into one account, preferable more then two months before you plan on getting approved for the loan.  This way you can easily show a copy of that bank statement with all your funds.
  5. Agree to have your credit score disclosed on the approval letter
    We can, with your approval, list your credit score on your approval letter.  Good credit scores lend value to your offer and provide security that you can indeed secure financing.
  6. Have full underwriting approval
    We can obtain a full underwriting approval for you even without a property.  Having this will show that you have fully secured financing.
  7. Work with an experienced, reputable Realtor
    Ask around for a referral.  Ask us, we can help.
  8. Work with a local, reputable Lender
    California Mortgage Associates of course.
Realtors, have any other suggestions for buyers?  Let us know.

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